Ruddys Andrade

June 15, 2017 (North Bergen, NJ) – At the HCST Foundation’s May meeting, members unanimously agreed to name Ruddys Andrade the newest member of the Board of Trustees, announced Silverio A. Vega, Development Coordinator of the HCST Foundation.

Mr. Andrade’s appointment comes after several years with the Foundation, where he served as a member of the Advisory Council beginning in 2015. The current Director of Community Relations for CarePoint Health Systems, Mr. Andrade brings to this new role his nearly two decades of professional experience in educational fundraising. Most notably, Mr. Andrade’s expertise helped him secure over $1.2M on behalf of the New Jersey City University endowment fund.

HCST Foundation President Daniel Gans, who voted in favor of Andrade’s appointment, says: “[Ruddys] brings a dynamic element to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. As someone with significant experience both in the classroom and on the fundraising front, Mr. Andrade is primed to increase the Foundation’s impact upon the Hudson County Schools of Technology. I congratulate him and look forward to continuing our work together.”

Frank J. Gargiulo, Superintendent of the Hudson County Schools of Technology, adds: “Ruddys Andrade has dedicated his career to working directly at the heart of essential human services—education and healthcare—and he has done so largely on behalf of the Hudson County community. My congratulations to him and the Foundation on this appointment.”

Silverio A. Vega, Development Coordinator of the Foundation, adds, “Mr. Andrade has been an integral member of the Foundation since 2015. I believe his contributions to this organization, and therefore our capabilities as a whole, will grow significantly with his voice added to our Board of Trustees.”

Ruddys Andrade has dedicated his career to the improvement of the greater Hudson County community. For fifteen years Mr. Andrade served in the Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs at New Jersey City University (NJCU), where he began his career as Program Assistant and moved his way up to Associate Vice President. At NJCU, Mr. Andrade secured over $1.2M for the school’s endowment fund, among other significant funds raised. As the current Director of Community Relations for CarePoint Health Systems, a healthcare service which coordinates efforts from Hudson County’s three main hospitals to provide outstanding care, Mr. Andrade works to ensure quality relationships with other community-based organizations while also serving as liaison for government affairs, working with all local municipalities in the County. In addition to his career at NJCU and CarePoint, Mr. Andrade also has several years of teaching experience at the college level. His combined knowledge of fundraising and education, paired with his role in the healthcare field make Ruddys Andrade an integral member of the HCST Foundation.