Dominick J. D’Agosta

I began my career at First Jersey National Bank in 1959 (First National Bank of Jersey City at Exchange Place) and worked at various senior management positions, which included Marketing, Operations' and Branch Administration.  When First Jersey was acquired by National Westminster Bancorp, I was Executive Vice President responsible for the Financial Services Division.  In 1988 I left NatWest and became president of the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce.  In 1990 I was asked to rejoin NatWest and reported directly to the President.

In 1993 the bank reorganized and the Financial Markets Group relocated to their new home in Jersey City.  I was assigned to the group while maintaining a reporting line to the Vice Chairman of the corporation.

In 1996 I joined Summit Bank Corp with responsibilities similar to those of my past employment.  In 2001 Fleet Boston Financial Corp acquired Summit Bank and I reported to the Chairman of Fleet Bank in New Jersey.  In 2003 Fleet Boston was acquired by Bank of America.

In 2004 I joined North Fork Bank, which was acquired by Capital One in 2008.  At that point I was the Market Executive for Private Banking in New Jersey.  I retired in 2011.

I received a BA and MBA in Economics from Rutgers and an MBA in Finance, from FDU.  I serve on numerous not-for-profit and civil organizations throughout Hudson County and the State of New Jersey.